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Seoul Temple
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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Week 5 - Destroyed... by the Empire

No explanation necessary for the title today.  :)  
Although, big SHOUT OUT to cousin David for bringing in In-n-Out for Chad and his roommates!  Big score!!!
Hello everyone!
My MTC adventure continues and like most weeks there wasn't really anything too interesting that happened this week.  However, I am still having a blast and continuing to grow in knowledge and understanding of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ!
My Korean is coming along exceptionally!  I have definitely noticed the hand of the Lord helping me as I learn this language.  The MTC is so awesome!
There are so many changes going on around here.  Rooms and areas of the campus are being remodeled left and right.  Every time we walk by and somebody says "What happened?" I respond " the Empire".  It's pretty great.  Half of the campus is currently closed because they're building an underground parking structure.  It's crazy.  Those class room mock-ups I tested out are going to be what the future MTC classrooms are going to be like (Apparently people have been wondering about that, unfortunately I didn't take any pictures but I'll ask around).  They have big plans in store for the future of the MTC from what I've been hearing.
Another cool thing that happened was that while we were waiting to go in to the gym for the devotional on Sunday, one of the BYU police guys asked Elder Eads and I to stand outside of a room and tell people they couldn't go in there because the MTC presidency was meeting with the speaker for the devotional.  Apparently it was pretty funny to watch.  At one door there's Elder Eads who's standing completely still with an intimidating look on his face and then there was me standing there, ya know, rocking back and forth, looking around, tying my shoe, studying my Korean words, ya know, whatever.  Yeah, everyone tried going through the door that I was standing by.  One elder tried to go through to go to the bathroom and I told him he couldn't so then he turned around and fell over and pretended to be dead.  It was weird but whatever floats his boat I guess.  
Anyways, serving a mission is so rad.  Best decision of my life.
Love and miss you all!
Called to Serve!
Elder Huck

 In-n-Out delivery!!!  Awesome cousin David!!!
 Elder Eads and Elder Stapp
Elder Huckvale :)

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  1. When you get to Seoul and you see ELDER DYE from Providence, UT, say HI to him from his Grandma!