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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Week 62 - Both Are Hardworking and Will Serve You Well

Title - In "Return of the Jedi", C3PO is delivering a message from Luke Skywalker to Jabba the Hutt.  In the message, Luke tells Jabba that he can keep the Droids as a gift and that "both are hardworking and will serve him well".

Date: Mon, 4 Apr 2016 14:29:31 +0900
Hello My Adoring Fans!
This week seems like it was really slow, but there were actually a lot of random things that happened.  
Oh also, I've been in Korea for a year!  How crazy is that?!
On Tuesday we got to go to the temple!  It was so incredible (as usual)!  After the temple we headed out to the office to do a workshop which was really awesome.  We received training from the Assistants to the President on improving how we give commitments to get baptized as well as how we can better-work with the members in the ward.  The training was really great.  We did some roleplays and it was really humbling for me.  I realized that I'm not as good at doing the things that we were trained on as I thought I was and that I still have a lot of work to do.  It's good thought because now I know exactly where I need to put my efforts towards.

The District - Sister Campbell, Sister Allsbrook, Elder Huckvale and Elder Shepherd
On Wednesday Elder Shepherd and I decided that he could be senior companion for the day.  He did a great job!  I could tell that it was really stressful for him because he'd never had an opportunity to to it before, but yeah he did a great job!  We spent most of the day visiting potential investigators and hunting for less-actives that the ward asked us track down.  Afterwards we streetboarded and at night we went to English class.  
On Thursday we went to visit a less-active sister in our ward who's son is also less-active and we used to visit frequently until he moved.  When we went to her house, her son was there.  We were really surprised and excited to see him.  Apparently he's resting right now because his new job that he got has been really stressful on his body.  Anyways, we talked with him about his mission and talked about his divine potential.  It was really great to see him again, but I'm really hoping that he goes back to work.  After we met him we met an old guy whose elementary school is right next to the church building in another area.  We made an appointment to talk with him this week.
On Saturday we went out to one of the subway stations in our area to do some group proselyting activities, but we were outrun by some people campaigning for congressman or something.  It was really interesting.  People campaign in a way different way here than they do in America.

 Campaigning in Korea.  Much different than the US.  :)

On Sunday we met with 이상호 (Songho Ee (our recent convert who ran away from the music night last week)) and the lesson with him was interesting.  One of the members in our ward is moving to Texas this week so we had a farewell party for her and her family at the church building.  We had a lesson with Songho and were planning on taking him to the party, but he left after our lesson.  The party was really great though.  We were able to talk with a lot of the members and say our final goodbyes to the sister who left.  It was great!
Transfer calls are this Saturday and I've been in 장위 (Jangwee) for four transfers now so I could be leaving, but I don't know.  Anyways, my time in Jangwee has not been the easiest time of my mission.  In fact, I'd say that it's definitely been the hardest.  I think though, that I've definitely grown more in these past four transfers than I have in the rest of my mission.  There's opposition in all things for a reason.  
I know that Jesus Christ lives because through the hard times and the disappointments, He is the one that's stood by me through it all.
Love and Miss Y'all!
Called to Serve!
Elder Huckvale

 One year ago!  What a baby!!!

Celebrating one year with Japanese food (in Korea!) using his super cool light up lightsaber chopsticks!

Being reflective.  :)

A member sent me the rest.  So AWESOME!!!


Sunday, April 3, 2016

Week 61 - Run 이상호! Run!

Title - In "Star Wars", when the heroes are about to flee the Death Star, they witness Obi-Wan Kenobi being killed by Darth Vader.  Luke, in his rage, begins to shoot towards Darth Vader and Obi-Wan's voice comes into his mind, saying "Run, Luke, Run!"

Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2016 13:26:10 +0900

Hello my adoring fans!
Well, this week has been really interesting.  Let's just say that there were a lot of weird experiences for Elder Shepherd and I.
Let's take a look back now, shall we?
I forgot to talk about this last week, but last Sunday a crazy guy randomly showed up at church in the middle of Sacrament meeting.  He sat down next to me, talked to me a little bit, we exchanged numbers and then he left.  
Then we got a call on Tuesday morning from the same guy telling us that he wanted to meet up at the Ministop convenience store near the church building for lunch.  So we went and he bought us a ton of junk food and took us back to his house and we ate and talked a little bit.  He asked us for a Book of Mormon and so we gave it to him and we taught about it and committed him to read and pray about it.  
He called that night at like 4 in the morning, but we didn't answer.  For the next few days he kept texting us and saying really crazy things and then he got mad and then he apologized.  Overall it was just a really weird experience.  I'm pretty sure that he's got some sort of mental disability.  He came to church again and stayed for about 15 minutes and then left.  It was just weird.
That was weird experience number 1 for the week.
Wednesday was really good.  We started out by having district meeting which went really well.  I felt inspired to do a district meeting on the importance of having personal revelation in missionary work.  As I was studying for the meeting, I realized that there is a three-step pattern for relying on the Spirit.  The first step is to qualify for the Spirit.  A week prior to the meeting, I asked Elder Shepherd to prepare the training for this segment.  He did a really great job.  He was a bit nervous, but there was a point where he just decided to just go for it and it went really well.  He talked about the importance of obedience as well as partaking of the Sacrament weekly as we qualify for the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  The second step is to recognize the promptings of the Spirit.  For this section, we talked about how to recognize the promptings of the Spirit and it came down to knowing the difference between right and wrong as it's described in Moroni 7.  The third step to going beyond following the promptings or acting on the promptings, but relying on the promptings of the Spirit to do the Lord's work.  I committed everyone in the district (plus the zone leaders who were also there) to pray before starting every activity.  This is something that I've been trying to do and it really has helped me to feel the Spirit more in my life and recognize that I am a literal instrument in the hands of the Lord in doing His work.  After I finished the training the zone leaders talked about the Atonement which was also really good.  I left them with a lot more time than they were expecting, but they used it very well.  
After the district meeting I started my exchange with one of the zone leaders, Elder 홍근영 (Hong).  The exchange went really well.  We talked a ton about leadership and also working with the members of the ward.  He gave me some really great ideas that I'm hoping to implement as I carry out the work of the Lord.
On Friday we went streetboarding and we went to this really random place that we had never tried before, but it went really well!  We were able to meet some really cool people and have some awesome opportunities to share the Gospel.  Elder Shepherd gave out a Book of Mormon and a pass-along card to somebody, but didn't get his number, but he texted later that night and we're going to try and meet him!  Awesome!
On Saturday we had a really special opportunity to go with the youth in the ward and our recent convert, 김상하 (Songha Kim) to do baptisms for the dead at the temple!  We got permission to go from President Sonksen as long as we didn't participate in the ordinances (so that the members could).  Nevertheless, it was really awesome and it was so cool to be there with Songha Kim for his first time!  He is progressing so well in the Gospel!  It has been so awesome to see the change that the Gospel of Jesus Christ has wrought upon his soul!  
Sunday was a pretty crazy day.  It was Easter, but it was also ward conference, and our bishopric got re-organized (which I didn't know was going to happen).  Our bishop for about 5 years (who's in his thirties) got released and the first counselor became the bishop.  He's been in the bishopric for like 12 years now so I'm sure that he'll do a great job.  박병훈 (Brother Park), (we visit his mom sometimes and I also Skyped from his house on Christmas), became the new first counselor.  Our old bishop, 방재원 (Jaywon Bong) is probably going to be put in the stake presidency when it inevitably gets re-organized in the near future.  I sad to see Bishop Bong to get released, but I'm also really excited to start working with our new bishop, 배성훈 (Sunghoon Bay) and the new bishopric.  I think that this is a really great opportunity to strengthen our presence in the ward and to get the members excited for missionary work.  
On Sunday night, we were able to go to the Easter music night that our mission's putting on in a different area.  We decided it would be good to take one of the recent converts in our ward, 이상호 (Songho Ee) with us to give him a good opportunity to feel the Spirit.  He has a mental disability, so it can be hard for him to recognize the Spirit.  Everything seemed to be going alright, Elder Shepherd had to tell him to get off of his phone a few times, but halfway through the performance, he just got up and a left.  We followed him out of the building, but I think that he realized that we were following him and then he just started booking for the main street.  I seriously could have never imagined him being able to run as fast as he did.  We let him run a little bit before we decided to run after him.  By the time we had caught up to him he was at the main street and I said "You all-of-a-sudden left!" and he said "Yeah" as he hailed a taxi, hopped in, and sped off.  I called him, but he didn't answer.  Elder Shepherd and I walked back to the church building in complete confusion and frustration.
After we got back, I have to admit that was a little bit frustrated because I just didn't understand why he did what he did.  I also couldn't figure out why so many weird experiences had been happening to Elder Shepherd and I this past week and why we're still struggling to find new investigators.  As I was thinking on this, the music night continued and they played the Mormon Message "None Were With Him" by Jeffery R. Holland.  It helped me to remember that the Savior knows exactly what I'm going through because he's already faced it.  He's faced everything imaginable; every terrible thing.  Because he faced it all alone, I don't have to face anything alone.
So even though this week was strange, it was good, and somehow the Lord found a way to turn it into a learning experience for me.  He always does.
Love and Miss Y'all!
Called to Serve!
Elder Huckvale

Pics - Elder Huckvale didn't send any this week... but lucky for us, other people did.  It was a good week.  They must've known it was my birthday, so there ya go.  :) 


Both above pictures - member in Korea posted on FB.  
Something about a missionary workshop involving ward members and competition.

Picture that Sister Sonksen (Mission President's wife) posted on FB saying, 
"Elder Shepherd and Elder Huckvale.  Such good and worthy missionaries." :)

Picture that a Return Missionary, ShinJin Lee, sent to me on FB.  He said that he had finished his mission and went back to visit and ran into Elder Huckvale.  
He said... "I just wanted to send you a photo of wonderful Elder Huckvale.  I went to one of the music nights and saw Elder Huckvale.  He looks really good and happy, and so kind as well!  I really loved him during my mission.  He is so great and leading the area so well!  His trainer (Elder Jeong) is my friend and he said so many positive things about him!!!"  Talk about warm fuzzies to my momma heart!!!  

Week 60 - Decide You Must How to Serve Them Best

Title - In "The Empire Strikes Back", Luke has a vision that Han Solo and Princess Leia are in trouble on Cloud City.  His first reaction is to go to their aid, but Yoda doesn't think it's a good idea.  So Yoda says, "decide you must how to serve them best".

Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2016 12:21:44 +0900

Hello my adoring fans!

I am really tired today because I had to wake up at 5:30 this morning to go down to downtown Seoul to get my foreigner card renewed.  Since then I've been struggling a little bit to say sentences in the proper order so if I type anything that doesn't make any sense I'm sorry.

Me and my Sisters at the Global Center this morning.


This week was pretty interesting, we're starting to find some good potential investigators which is really awesome.  Then there was my first district meeting, some singing, followed by the ward mini MTC night and then the Easter Music Night.  Super fun!

On Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday night, we went out with the sisters and visited a bunch of members to invite them to the Easter Music Night.  Sister Allsbrook in our district made some "Mexican wedding cookies" and we brought those and did some "Easter caroling".  It was pretty fun for us, and it really surprised the members which was funny.  We pretty much rang the door bell and then when they opened the door we started singing "He is Risen".  After we sang a verse or two we would give them the cookies and the invitation to the music night.

On Wednesday I had my first district meeting.  I think that it went pretty well.  I decided to talk about how we can use the Easter season to share about the Book of Mormon and the message of the Restoration of the Gospel.  Sharing the Book of Mormon on the street is something that I really think that we can do better on as a district so this provided the perfect opportunity to work on that.  In the middle of the meeting, I felt prompted to share an analogy of a prism.  The Restoration is the white light and when it shines through the prism, which is the Book of Mormon, it creates a whole spectrum of colors that represent the various topics and questions of the soul that are answered through the Book of Mormon.  The Book of Mormon is the key to relating all of what we teach as missionaries back to our special message:  the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

On Friday night, our zone and the other zone in our stake got together and we went and did an activity to promote the Easter Music Night.  We went out to a street corner and had some missionaries passing out invitations and giving out cookies (which we had to make 50 of) and the rest were singing hymns about Christ.  It was really cool and it really helped to spread the message of Easter and give people more of an idea of what we're doing as missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Elder Shepherd and the struggily stove

On Saturday we met with one of our potential investigators named 김다운 (Da Oon Kim) and got to know him a bit more and then we talked with him about our purpose as missionaries, his purpose as an investigator, and what we hope to accomplish together:  baptism and confirmation.  After that we shared some personal experiences from the Book of Mormon and committed him to read Moroni 10 and pray about it.  He's really cool so I'm hoping that we can continue to meet with him and ultimately help him to prepare to be baptized.

After we met with him we had our mini ward MTC.  There were many setbacks and along with that, there wasn't much of a turnout which was kind of disappointing, but I think that we did the best with what we had and we were able to overcome the hurdles to make it successful for the people that came.  We spoke English, talked about American manners, briefly discussed the missionary purpose, and did some roleplays (of sharing the Gospel with others).  Plus, Elder Shepherd made french toast sticks using the struggily stove at the church.

On Sunday we had the Easter Music Night which was so awesome!  There were a lot of arrangements that they sang that were made by missionaries in our mission!  It was so crazy!  There is so much talent in this mission!
Anyways, this week was really great.  I think that things are going to start slowing down a little bit now that the Music Night's over for us, so we'll have a lot more time to proselyte and share with everyone the good news that Jesus Christ's complete Gospel has been restored to the earth once again!

Love and Miss Y'all!

Called to Serve!


Elder Huckvale

 You can recycle anything in Korea.  (Funny.  We need this in our house.)