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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Week 7 - I Want to Learn the Ways of the Gospel and Become a Missiona ry

Title - in the first movie, Luke says something along the lines... "I want to learn the ways of the Force and become a Jedi."  Make what you want of it.  :)  (Pictures - Korean Elders push-up train and St. Patty's Day Care Package).
I literally cannot believe how fast this is going by!  I only have less than 2 weeks left in the MTC!  Like what the flip?!  IN less than two weeks I'll be boarding a plane to the land of Korea!  
Anyways, things have been pretty much the same here, just trying to figure out this language (as in the language of the spirit) and Korean too I guess.
Last Thursday night, Elder Eads and I learned that instead of doing Skype lessons with members for TRC, we get to teach Yun Hwa for the rest of the TRC sessions that we have have at the MTC!  Yes!  So we taught her again last Friday, and it went really well.  We sang her happy birthday and taught her about the Restoration.  Elder Eads recited the First Vision in Korean which she really likes.  Also, a member friend was there and he bore his testimony about Joseph Smith and Book of Mormon and so did Elder Eads and I.  It was so cool!  The spirit was so strong!  We invited her to read and pray about the Book of Mormon and I have been praying that she have her heart opened to the promptings of the Spirit so that she can know for herself.  We'll find out tomorrow!
We had two freakin sweet devotionals this week!  Our devotional on Sunday was just about 100% Korean focused.  First, Sister Bell from my district did the musical number in front of the entire MTC with Elder Royce (going to Korea, Busan) accompanying her on the violin and another sister playing the piano.  Noice!  Next, the speaker, President Radabaugh (who does something at the MTC but I can't remember), talked about conversion stories.  He ten talked about how last month, an all-sisters district from the Korean branch was able to see their investigator that they taught through TRC baptized!  How awesome is that?!  They showed a video clip of them interviewing the sisters and since they just left last week, it was cool seeing them again and hearing about their experiences teaching the girl, Iris.  Then Iris went up and bore her testimony in Korean with one of her friends from BYU translating.  Her testimony is incredible!  The best part of all was that Yun Hwa was there in the front row watching the devotional!  When I went up to talk to her afterwards, she showed me her finger and that she was wearing a CTR ring she got for her birthday!  She really enjoyed the devotional.  I has been so awesome to see the changes that have happened to her as we've been teaching her.  She is so happy and I'm so grateful that Elder Eads and I can continue to teach her.
The other devotional was given by Elder Don R. Clark from the First Council of the Seventy.  Since it was not about the Korean Branch, it was not as good but was still pretty good.  Just kidding, it was really good.  He talked about the ten truths that all missionaries should know.  Probably the thing that stuck with me the most is what he said about faith and how we must act on our faith and be missionaries of action.  Honestly, of all the things I struggle with, diligence is probably at the top so it was really good for me to be reminded that I need to remain diligent.  The spirit will not guide me unless I work for it.
Anyways, things have been going awesome here and I am both excited and nervous to get out into the field.  I know that the Lord will help me overcome my weaknesses in order to do His work.  It is going to be a choice time.   I just need to make it through this next week and a half.
Love and miss ya'll!
Called to Serve!
Elder Huckvale
 Korean Elder push-up train.  I believe that's Elder Huckvale in the red shirt, right in the middle.  :)
 St. Patty's Day Care Package.  
Notice the Star Wars Mac & Cheese?  Definitely the favorite... even though it wasn't green.  :)
 Elder Megargel and His Ghetto Chess Set
 Not sure... but thought it was funny. :)

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