Seoul Temple

Seoul Temple
The Market

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Special thanks to all the family and friends that were able to see/house Chad (and the rest of us) on his way to the MTC.
Chad and some of his friends - Ethan, Jackson, Chad, Luke, Kennedy, Natasha, Seth and Jackson

 Chad and Haley
 Trevor, Kayla, Chad and Aunt Christine
 Chad and his "favorite" cousin, Kayla
 Three (proud) generations of Huckvale men.  Love our family.
 Last extended family meal at Fuddruckers - grandpa's choice of course!
 In-N-Out!  Corey, Chad, Amy and Judd (photobomb by Macy)  :)
 Mary, Robby, Chad, David and Corey
Daelin and Chad

So thankful to have so much love and support!!!  Also thanks to those we didn't get pictures with - Amanda, Tweetie, Saren, Erica and anyone else.  Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedules to meet us in crazy places and give us some of your time.  We really appreciated it and love you for all of the support!!!

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