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Monday, February 8, 2016

Week 53 - When One Year Old You Age, Look as Good You Will Not

 Title - In "Return of the Jedi", Luke goes back to finish his training with Yoda and from the time that he last saw him, Yoda has become sick.  Luke kind of gives him a look, and then Yoda says, "when 900 years old you become, look as good, you will not."

Date: Mon, 1 Feb 2016 14:13:22 +0900

Hello My Adoring Fans!
This week has been so great!  Elder Crisp and I are working hard to get the work going here and we've seen a lot of miracles and a lot of disappointments.  The miracles outweigh the disappointments though every time.
Let's take a look back!
On Monday Elder Crisp and I spent the p-day cleaning our house because Double Kim left it in complete disarray.  Classic Elder Kim.
On Tuesday we had met with our progressing investigator, 김상하 (Songha Kim) and it went great!  We taught him some of the commandments and we were also able to talk about baptism and some of the concerns he's been having.  It was a really great lesson, but at the end he pretty much said straight-up that he wanted to have a member there next time to hear their testimony about baptism and the Church. 
On Wednesday I went on exchanges with our district leader, Elder Brantley which was pretty fun.  We didn't have much time to really proselyte together, but while we were proselyting, some random guy who really likes English talked with us and ended up taking us to a fast food restaurant in Korea called Lotteria to buy us the "real deal" Korean-style hamburgers.  He was so crazy.  Every time we tried to speak in Korean to him it didn't seem to click in his head that we could speak Korean and so he kept trying to speak to us in English and "help" us learn Korean by talking with the cashier at the restaurant.  It was so weird, but a really interesting experience. 
On Thursday Elder Brantley and I finished up our exchange and then Elder Crisp and I went out to do our weekly Thursday visits which include a less-active in our ward, a guy that we met at a grocery store, and the guy we deliver food to through the service project we do for the community center.  Unfortunately, all three people were busy so we weren't able to teach any of them!  It was pretty frustrating.  Last of all, we had an appointment at the church building and we started getting worried that he wasn't going to show up at 5:30 when we thought we had decided to meet.  We gave him a call and it turned out that he thought we were meeting at 6, but he was still planning on coming.  We had the lesson with him and it went alright.  I was just grateful that he showed up!  I felt an incredibly huge tender mercy from the Lord that day.  It was so awesome.
On Saturday we met with Songha Kim again and had a great lesson.  We met with our ward mission leader, 김영균 (Yung Gyoon Kim) and we had a great lesson.  We taught the majority of the commandments from lesson 4 and Songha Kim agreed to keep all of them with no problems.  It really helped that Yung Gyoon Kim was there because he understood Songha Kim's questions much better than Elder Crisp and I and he was also able to explain things in further depth.  We have such an awesome ward mission leader!  Also, Songha Kim is an awesome investigator! 
The rest of Saturday was filled with more cancelled appointments, some pizza from a member in the ward, and some brownies for a member.
On Sunday we were able to go on splits with the members to meet with a less-active member and a recent convert which was really awesome.  It was a first for me.  This ward is so awesome.  I love the people so much and I am so grateful for their incredibly strong desire to share the Gospel and help the missionaries. 
It has been one year since Elder Huckvale departed from the land of Camas to join in the great work of the salvation of souls.

Love and Miss Y'all!
Called to Serve!
Elder Huckvale
P.S.  This week's title is courtesy of Elder Teames serving in the Ohio Columbus Mission.

 Pizza Buffet is back!

Eating at Ashley's Buffet


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