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Friday, February 19, 2016

Week 54 - We Got Him! We Got Him!

Title - In "Star Wars", when Han, Luke, Leia, Chewy and the droids are escaping the Darth Star in the Millenium Falcon, they get in a dog fight with tie-fighters and when they shoot the last tie fighter, Luke yells, "We got 'em!" And then Leia says, "We got 'em!" 

Date: Mon, 8 Feb 2016 13:54:48 +0900

Hello my adoring fans!
This week was so fresh!  We were super busy trying to prepare for our baptism last weekend, but were still able to get a lot done and have a great week!
On Tuesday we met with our investigator, 김상하 (Songha Kim) and were able to have great lesson.  We talked mostly about the Priesthood and about temples and it was great.  He is so humble and was definitely prepared to hear our message.  He's already had so many spiritual experiences it's unbelievable!  All we really had to do was tell him what he needed to do and he just accepted and did, and he's been seeing the blessings.
On Wednesday we had a zone meeting and it was spectacular!  Our zone has changed a ton since last transfer.  We combined with the other zone that is in our stake and now we have 32 missionaries in our zone.  Plus President and Sister Sonksen both came to our zone meeting.  It was pretty crazy.  The training, however, was awesome.  The focus for the training was using time more wisely.  We talked about several things that we can start doing to make sure that we're not wasting the Lord's time.  It was definitely an answer to my prayers and helped me realize how I personally can use my time more effectively as a servant of the Lord.
On Thursday, Elder Crisp and I went out and visited a less-active that we visit every week and it turned out to be a really cool experience.  He's about 23 and he served a mission in Busan, but decided to come home a year early due to health problems and family issues.  He has regretted it ever since and has since left the Church.  It's such a shame though because he such a great missionary and has such a powerful testimony and strong understanding of the Gospel.  Anyways, we went to his apartment and he had completely changed since the last time I had been able to visit him (about a month ago).  He had dyed his hair back to black (it was blond) and he seemed so much happier.  Elder Crisp and I noticed it as soon as he opened the door.  He continued on to tell us that after being pestered over and over again by one of his former companions from his mission, he decided to attend the Young Single Adults ward in Incheon and has been attending Church there for three weeks.  What a miracle!  It really helped me to see that even though it doesn't seem like it at times, what I'm doing is making a difference in peoples' lives.  There were many weeks where we went to visit him in vain.  We would occasionally drop off a message card and one time Elder Kim II made him a pie, but he still wasn't coming to Church.  Now he is.  This experience proved to me that it is by the small and simple things that great things are brought to pass.
On Thursday night we had Songha Kim's baptismal interview with our district leader, Elder Brantley.  He passed with flying colors!  Elder Brantley told me afterwards that every time he asked one of the baptismal interview questions, Songha Kim would answer it with a verse from the Book of Mormon followed by a spiritual experience that he had had.  So awesome!  The Lord does prepare people receive his gospel!
On Friday a member from the ward named 이우영 (Ooyung Lee) took Elder Crisp and I and Songha Kim to the American buffet, Ashley.  It was really awesome.  We were kind of worried because the guy we were eating lunch with is probably the most respected member of our ward and very respected as a whole by Church members in Korea.  I think that he was trying to make sure that Songha Kim wasn't getting baptized too early so he asked him all about the baptismal covenant and other questions about his testimony and so forth and Songha Kim passed with flying colors!
Also, Ooyung Lee texted us and told us that if we were late to lunch that would not be okay.  Let's just say that I may have mis-calculated how long it would take to get to Ashley and may have gotten us there 50 minutes early and had to wait inside Ashley until Ooyung Lee got there.
But we weren't late!
On Saturday we had the baptism and it was awesome as expected.  Elder Kim I came back to perform the baptism.  He was kind of late though so we didn't get any pictures of him with Songha Kim which was kind of unfortunate.  He was there though!  Also, Elder Brantley also forgot the baptismal application that he filled out during his interview with Songha Kim at his house in the neigboring area so him and his companion had to run back to our house to get a new one.  It all turned out well, though, and Songha Kim was able to get baptized and it was an awesome experience.

There was also a ton of support from the ward which was awesome!  They brought pizza and chicken! 
The next morning at Church, Elder Crisp and I were able to stand in the circle of Priesthood holders to confirm Songha Kim as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and to bestow upon him the Gift of the Holy Ghost.  It was an awesome experience!
This week has been filled with so many miracles and I am so excited for Songha Kim and the new journey he is starting towards his Heavenly Father! 
Also, today is Chinese New Year which is a pretty big deal.  As a result this week is going to be really busy.  Tomorrow we've got a zone conference and Wednesday is deep cleaning day for us.  Fun!
Till next week folks!
Love and Miss Y'all!
Called to Serve!
Elder Huckvale

"Hump Day" package with the greatest tee-shirt ever!  Star Wars logo in Korean!

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