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Monday, May 25, 2015

Week 17 - The Weak-Minded

Title - Obi-Wan is doing Jedi Mind Tricks on the Stormtroopers, and he calls them "weak-minded".  

Also, I asked him about "sticker-boarding" from his last email... 
We just put questions like "What's most important to you in you life?" and then we have different categories for them to choose like "family", "free time", and "money".  It's just stuff like that. 

And, a little bit more about the bath house.  Still have lots of questions on this one.  :)

The bath house (목욕탕) was really interesting.  It was weird though.  It's just like this big room with like showers, pools, saunas, and giant bathtubs in it.  It was weird.  It was really refreshing though.
Not sure what this picture is about... but he didn't send us any until we asked, so this is what we got.  
Not sure who the glasses belong to at all.  :)

This week has been pretty sweet!  We're starting to find more people to teach which is choice!


Last Monday we got the chance to confound the wicked.  Elder Jeong and I were walking back to the church at the end of P-day to get our groceries that we had left in the fridge and Elder Jeong says hello to some guy and the guy told us not to try and jeondo to him.  Then he started talking to us and it turned out that he was fluent in English so I talked with him in English and Elder Jeong talked with him in Korean.  So we start talking and the guy kept telling us that he was a professor of philosophy and all this stuff.  He told us that he couldn't believe in our church because we didn't believe in the Apostle's Creed or something.  I don't even know what that is.  Anyways, he kept asking us questions and then Elder Jeong would just pull out a scripture from the Bible saying that what this guy was saying was false (infant baptisms, the trinity, etc.).  Then the guy would remind us that he was a professor of philosophy again and say that he didn't want to argue but then he would ask us another question in an attempt to shake our faith and then Elder Jeong would disprove him yet again.  So yeah, he was started to get mad and so I just told him that I didn't want to argue with him later and that we just wanted to share our message with him and asked if he could meet later.  He said no and I gave him a calling card with a picture of Jesus on it in case he wanted to call him later and he said "I cannot carry this".  I said that it was just in case he needed help or something.  He refused to carry it and then he left.  Why wouldn't he want to carry around a picture of Jesus...?  Experiences like this just really help me to remember that this is the true Church.  They draw near to God with their lips but their hearts are far from him.  Anyways, yeah, that was a really cool experience.  We confounded him.

On Wednesday we had a district meeting and afterwards Elder Jeong and I had appointments with two really good potential investigators.  The first was a referral that we got named 경진수(Gyeong Jin-Su).  He's in his forties about and has a wife and a three-year old daughter and is really good at English.  Anyways, we had planned to teach him about the Restoration but we decided to follow the promptings of the Spirit and ended up teaching about missionary work and all of the sacrifices that we make as missionaries.  It was a really good conversation.  I felt the Spirit really strongly.  At the end he agreed to be baptized on June 16.  He was going to come to church on Sunday with us but he had something come up.  He is a really good person though so hopefully we can meet him again.  The other guy we met was 현진효(Hyeon Ji-Hyo).  Elder Jeong met him last week after we were approached by that drunk guy.  Anyways, so we met him again and we had a pretty good conversation.  I taught him the first part of the Restoration but apparently what I said didn't make any sense because I kept going back and correcting myself in the middle of the sentence.  Anyways, so Elder Jeong had to go over a lot of what I already said, but the lesson still went well.

On Thursday, we had 12-Week follow-up.  So as a new missionary, we all have to do a 12-week training program where we learn the basics of missionary work during our first two transfers.  Since we just finished our first transfer, we had 12-week follow-up to talk about how it went and to give us further training.  The training was really good.  I got to hear a lot of things that I needed to hear about the significance of my calling as a missionary and how important it is to do all I can to always be teaching and testifying.  It was really good.  Plus, I got to see all of the people from my group that came to Seoul with me and I got to tell them about the story when I threw up at a member's house about a month ago.  Good times.  So after the 12-week follow-up, I felt myself become even more determined to do the work and found myself talking with people and wanting to help them.  It was pretty awesome.

On Friday we got to go to a member's house on base for dinner.  It was the Hill Family!  They are the ones who I couldn't meet because I didn't have my foreign card (Classic Elder Huckvale).  Anyways, that was really good.  We got to eat American-made hamburgers!  Choice!

On Sunday I had a really cool experience with making the Sabbath Day holy.  Our focus this month as a zone is finding out how we can make the Sabbath Day more holy for ourselves so that we can help our investigators make it a better experience. 

So on Sunday morning, I decided to devote most of my personal study time to reading Jesus the Christ which was really great, it helped me focus on the Savior and the Atonement.  Then during Sacrament meeting, I read from 3 Nephi 11 (When Jesus comes to the Nephites) which was awesome.  I was able to feel the Spirit and was able to get more out of Sacrament as I prepared to partake of it.

So yeah, being a missionary is awesome!  This week especially, I have found that through prayer and faith, God will help us to do amazing things and help us to overcome our weaknesses.

Till Next Week!

Love and Miss Y'all!

Called to Serve!


Elder Huckvale 

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