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Monday, May 18, 2015

Week 16 - He Will Be With You... Always

Title - D thinks it's a play on "the Force will be with you... always."

Hello Everyone!  
This week has been pretty crazy with so much going on.  It was fun though, we did a lot of stuff.
On Wednesday, I went street-boarding/sticker-boarding for the first time!  It was pretty intense.  A few weeks ago, Elder Jeong and I made these boards with a question on them and then different options that you can choose from and you like put a sticker on the option that you want.  So we went to a place called 왕십리(Wangsimni) and then stood on the street-corners and went around asking people to put stickers on our board.  Then we would try to see if we could meet with them later.  Most people said no, but it was still pretty fun.  We were able to contact a ton of people when we did this.  
Thursday was really fun.  The BYU Wind Symphony came to Korea to put on a special concert to try and improve the Church's image in Korea.  So all of the missionaries were able to go including some of the Seoul South missionaries.  I got to see Elder Eads and Elder Stapp who I was with at the MTC which was really cool.  And the concert was awesome!  The BYU Wind Symphony is so good!  They did the concert with a choir of foreigners that live in Seoul and they weren't as good as the symphony but they sang this really sick gospel song about being a witness or something.  I don't remember. So anyways, the concert ended at like 10:30.  Luckily, President Christensen cleared it in advance but it felt super weird being out on the streets after 10:30 and we didn't get home until like a quarter to 12. Elder Jeong and I took a less-active from our ward named 이영히 (Ee Yung-Hee).  It was really hard for me to go with Ee Yung-Hee because he is really old and really slow so I was kind of complaining in my mind when we had to take him everywhere, especially because we were already really late getting home.  Elder Jeong, however, was a really good example to me of showing love for others and having charity for them.  He helped Ee Yung-Hee to go up and down the stairs, holding his hand as he did it.  It was really awesome for me to see that as a young missionary and have a stronger desire to truly help and love those that we teach.  Elder Jeong is such an incredible example to me.

 Running into Elder Eads (his MTC Companion, who's in the Seoul South Mission) at the Symphony

On Friday, I went on exchanges with our new district leader, Elder MacFarland, which was pretty fun.  We had a pretty interesting experience when we were jeondoing on the streets.  Elder MacFarland started talking to this drunk guy that was smoking outside of a restaurant and the guy invited us in and wanted to buy food for us.  We had already eaten Taco Bell, so we didn't eat anything, but we still went in.  When we went in, we sat down at this table with a bunch of rich Korean guys who are all really high up at Hyundai.  They were all drunk, but it was cool because it was really funny.  They tried to give 소주(Korean whiskey) but we told them that we didn't drink alcohol so then they just bought us Coke.  It was really funny.  So then we left the restaurant and gave some of them Book of Mormons and our calling cards.  During the rest of the exchange, Elder MacFarland and I talked a lot being a missionary and learning Korean and stuff which was really good.  He's heading home at the end of the next transfer.  
On Saturday, after English class, we ended the exchange and then Elder Jeong and I jeondoed for the rest of the day.  While we were walking home, Elder Jeong and I started talking to some guy sitting and waiting and then this drunk foreigner walked up to us and started swearing at us.  It was weird.  We just kind of walked away after a few minutes and went back home.  While we were on the bus, though, Elder Jeong talked to this guy that had a ton of gospel interest!  It's really incredible to know that God blesses us after He tests us.  
On Sunday we didn't really do much.  The office missionaries had a baptism that we went to right after church which was really good.  It's always really good to be reminded why we're doing this work and that baptisms are possible, even in Korea.  After that, Elder Jeong and I went to a dinner appointment with the Hills family (Different Hills than last time).  So that was pretty fun.  
Serving a mission is such a blast!  I am learning so many things that I know will help me so much in the future, most importantly of all is that I cannot do anything without the help of my Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ and His Atonement.  
Love and Miss Y'all!
Called to Serve!
Elder Huckvale

 Making authentic fried rice.  (Waiting for him to come home to make us some!)
Stormtrooper posing with "foolish" (says Elder Huckvale) Elder Bean.  :)

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