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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Week 14 - He's No Good to Me Dead

(So, first off know that we didn't hear from Elder Huckvale on Sunday night, when we normally do, so we "may" have assumed he was dead or something.  :)  We finally heard from him Monday night - which would be his Tuesday lunchtime.  Apparently they had to bump PDay a day. Good to know he's not dead.  :) )
Title - What Boba Fett says to Darth Vader when he's about to put Han Solo in Carbonite. 
Also, I asked Elder Huckvale about his best and worst things this week... and he said his best was sharing his experience and testimony about Joseph Smith (see below) and his worst... nothing too bad.  He said the rejection is hard to deal with, but there was no "worst" so I guess we're doing ok.  :)
Well then it's a good thing I'm not dead!
Sorry everyone that I didn't get my e-mail out yesterday.  I think that my family was a little worried.  Anyways, yeah, we had p-day today instead of yesterday because one of the sisters in our zone is going home this week and she couldn't do a zone activity yesterday because she had to do something.  So...we had p-day today.  Yeah.
This weekend is the end of the transfer!  I hear that once you make it past your first transfer you'll be able to make it your whole mission.  So yeah that's pretty cool.  
Anyways, this was a great week.  My testimony has grown a ton this week, especially my testimony about Joseph Smith being a prophet and the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  
So let's start with Monday...
Somebody tried to Bible-bash us!  Last Monday we had an appointment in the middle of the day so we got permission to move our p-day to the night time.  So we headed out to a park in 왕십리 (Wangsimni) to meet one our investigators, 변정용 (Bieon Jeongyong), who hangs out there with other old guys and plays games.  We also had an appointment later in the evening in the same area so we were just hoping to catch 변정용 and some other people that we've been teaching at the park.  So we weren't able to meet with him, because, as in the past, he was busy playing a game when we arrived, so we just taught other old guys at the park.  While Elder Jeong was teaching this one guy, a girl from another church walks up and just stands next to him waiting for him to finish talking.  She was waiting for like 5-10 minutes and then she just interrupted him and asked him if he believes in living apostles and whatnot.  He of course said yes and then she started talking about how apostles had to see the resurrected Christ.  When she said that Elder Jeong asked her where that was in the scriptures and she didn't know...pssshhhhhh.  She was getting really mad.  She never even told anybody what church she was from.  She just made a fool of herself.  Then another girl from her church came up and pulled her away.  Opposition!
Anyways, on Tuesday some guy yelled at us from down the street to give him a Book of Mormon after we had given one to another guy and were walking away.  We thought he was pretty golden but we haven't been able to meet with yeah, I don't know.  The other guy that we gave a Book of Mormon to was a homeless guy and some of the other elders who were following a ways behind us saw him using it as a pillow to sleep on.  Yeeeeaaaaah.
So anyways, nothing really happened on Wednesday, but on Thursday we had dinner with the Day family who are American members.  Choice!  Before we went there, Elder Jeong and I decided that we were going to talk about Joseph Smith and sharing the gospel with our non-member friends.  So the dinner was good and then we did the spiritual message.  So I talked about Joseph Smith, recited the First Vision, and then Elder Jeong gave his part of the message about sharing the gospel.  Afterwards, I started to bare my testimony about Joseph Smith.  I told this memory I had from when I was in the MTC.  I remember waiting for a devotional to start, and I was just looking around and I saw all of these young men and women who were preparing to go to every corner of the world and I thought to myself:  This is all because of the inspired question of a young boy.  When I said this, I began to cry.  I could feel the spirit so strongly.  It was awesome.  I know without a doubt that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and through him, the true gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was restored through him.  
On Saturday, one of the AP's in our mission, Elder Perry, called me up and asked me if I would be willing to bare my testimony in church because it was Fast Sunday the next day.  I gladly said yes.  I had also felt that I needed to bare my testimony on Sunday previous to that phone call.  So on Sunday, I went up and bore my testimony and it was awesome.  I bore my testimony about Joseph Smith and about God loving all of His children and wanting them to receive His true gospel.  The members in our ward really struggle with missionary work, so I was hoping that I could help to encourage them.  After I went up to the stand, Elder Jones (who lives in our house with us) came up to the stand as well, followed by Elder Perry, and Elder Jeong.  It was so awesome!  Elder Perry told me afterwards that the ward was really moved and that they were saying that it was one of the best sacrament meetings they've had in a while.  Elder Jeong and I are really going to put a lot of effort forth this next transfer so that we can bring the ward together and also get them excited to do missionary work and work with us.
I am having so many incredible experiences and am growing so much!  As I have come to realize my weaknesses on this mission, I have been able to humble myself before God and been able to strengthen my relationship with Him through prayer.  
This is the true, restored gospel of Jesus Christ.
Joseph Smith was a prophet of God.
This is the Lord's work on this earth.
Called to Serve!
Love and miss y'all!
Elder Huckvale
 Gwang Hwee Moon Gate

 "They're regrouping" (says Elder Huckvale).  Then he told us that (unfortunately) Buddhism shares the same "logo" as the Nazis.
Taco Bell before English class.

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