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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Week 18 - You Don't Know the Power of the South Side

Title - In Return of the Jedi, Luke is trying to turn Darth Vader back to the light side of the Force and Vader responds, "You don't know the power of the dark side".  You'll see in his email that he got to spend some time with the Seoul "South" Mission, so I think that's where the "south" side is coming in.

Reminder... please send pictures this week wishing Elder Huckvale a Happy Birthday so that I can include them in his birthday package next week.  :)

It has been 4 months since Elder Huckvale X left Camas, Washington.  
Hello Everyone!
This week has been great!  
On Tuesday we went up to 왕십리 (Wangsimni), where we meet a few people that are playing games at a park.  We were meeting with one of our investigators, 이창하 (Ee Chang-Ha), and all of a sudden, Elder Jeong hears some lady yelling at him and then she comes over to us and it turned out to be Ee Chang-Ha's wife!  She started yelling at Elder Jeong in Korean telling him that the God we believe in and the God she believes in are two different Gods.  She told us that she was already Presbyterian.  Then Elder Jeong asked her what their main belief was and she avoided the question and kept yelling at us. It was weird.  We had to end our lesson with Ee Chang-Ha but I'm just hoping that we can still meet with him again this week.  Later that night, we were heading back from Sindang and we were waiting for the bus to take us to our apartment.  I started talking to this guy and he said that he was baptized 25 years ago!  What the flip?!  Then the bus came and Elder Jeong had already gotten on so all I could do was give him a jeondo card.  On the bus Elder Jeong and I were talking about what happened.  He said that we should have missed the bus so that we could have gotten his number.  We felt pretty bad.  Then, we were walking up the stairs of our apartment, we got a text from him!  What?!  He said that he was baptized 25 years ago in 신촌 (Sinchon; another area but the same zone), and he said that he wanted to eat dinner with us some time.  How freakin crazy is that?!  Miracles happen people!  
On Thursday we had another cool experience.  Elder Jeong and I were about to head out and Elder Jeong needed to go to the bathroom first.  While he was in the bathroom a guy that had received a jeondo card called Elder Jeong and wanted to meet us and receive some our church's materials.  He also said that he was going to go to the church right then and there.  So Elder Jeong and I rushed to the Sindang church building to meet this guy.  He couldn't meet with us very long so Elder Jeong and I just gave him a Book of Mormon and Elder Jeong talked about what the Book of Mormon is and gave him a brief explanation about what our church believes.  After we met with him we had an appointment with 경 진수 (Gyeong Jin-su) who is scheduled to be baptized on June 21st now (we had to push his date back because he has to go to church three times before he can be baptized and he didn't come last weekend).  He is such a nice guy and has a really strong interest in our church.  Unfortunately, he didn't come to church this week either so I'm not sure if we're going to push the date back further.  We just really need to stress with him the importance of going to church and that it should be his highest priority.  I really hope that everything will work out with him.
On Friday we had combined mission conference with Seoul South!  It was so awesome!  We got to go over the river and I got to see all of my pals in the other mission again!  Choice!  And the mission conference was awesome!  Elder Maynes of the Seventy came and spoke to us.  He really stressed the importance of the worth of souls, which is something that I think I may have forgotten.  Elder Maynes talked about all of the work that is actually done when we bring faithful, truly-converted members in the church, especially if their younger, like 17-25.  If they're 17 to 25, then they can go on missions, they can get sealed in the temple, their children can go on missions, they can do temple work for hundreds of souls, and the cycle just keeps going.  It is so awesome to be reminded of our impact as missionaries and that we literally need to be talking to every one because we don't know whose ready to receive our message and become a member of the Church.  So after the mission conference we went to Sindang so that I could meet with one of the AP's and pass-off for the LPP (Language Progression Program; teaches us how to teach the gospel in Korean) and I passed!  Now I can study other stuff outside of the gospel.  Anyways, after that we went home and on the bus I told some guy about how Elder Jeong and I did the burger buffet at Burger Mine and how he ate three and I only ate two.  It was pretty funny.  I just wanted to make him feel more comfortable with the missionaries so that maybe next time he'll be ready to receive them.

Elder Stapp and Elder Huckvale (one of his MTC roommates, who is in the Seoul South Mission)
The rest of the week was pretty normal.  Ya know, jeondoing and preaching the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ!  
Being a missionary is so great, and this week I have realized that with great faith comes great rewards.  I am also realizing more and more every day that miracles do happen people!  They are manifested through faith!  Just don't stop believin'!
Love and Miss Y'all!
Called to Serve!
Elder Huckvale

 Elder Jeong playing some piano on the street
Dong Dae-Mun Wall - isn't it pretty????


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