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Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 90 - You Have Yet to Realize Your Importance

Title - In The Empire Strikes Back, Luke and Darth Vader are having a lightsaber battle, and the fight has brought them to the end of a gantry (very narrow structure) over a bottomless abyss.  Darth Vader has just cut off Luke's hand.  Luke has basically shimmied his way to the very end of this narrow ledge where he really has no where left to go.  Darth Vader says to him, "there is no escape.  Don't make me destroy you.  You do not yet realize your importance."

Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2016 13:07:19 +0900
Hello My Adoring Fans!
This week has been really great!  We had a lot of meetings this week, but were still able to get out and do some proselyting and teaching.  We're slowly starting to find new investigators.
On Monday after we e-mailed we went out and hiked the mountain behind our apartment called 불암산 (Booram Mountain).  It was really awesome! 
That night we started an exchange with our zone leader, Elder Seely.  Since our zone leaders are in two different teams, he just came to our area in a threesome and his companion stayed in his area with the other zone leader and his companion.  We had a really awesome exchange and were able to learn a lot about the importance of following up with people. 
On Tuesday after we finished our exchange we met with a recent convert in our ward who's slowly become less-active since he got baptized by the previous missionaries.  We talked with him about the Atonement and were able to testify to him about the importance of repentance and changing our lives to be more in line with the life of Jesus Christ. 
On Thursday Elder Baird and I went on a day exchange and went out to the office for leadership training.  Since there are a lot of young leaders in our mission now Presidnet Sonksen wanted to get all of the leaders together to do a training.  It was really great and I was able to take away a lot of insights that will definitely help me as I strive to fulfill my leadership responsibilities.
On Friday as a district we went and did a service project for the local community center.  They did a festival at the park in order to raise money to continue funding their center.  We thought it would be weird to have us selling food as missionaries, so they had us wiping down tables.  It was pretty easy service, but nonetheless really fun and a great experience.
On Sunday after church we went and sang in a choir at our stake missionary conference.  We sang a medley of We'll Bring the World His Truth and Called to Serve and it turned out really well.  At the meeting we were also able to hear the testimonies of some of the missionaries from  our stake so that was really good. 
Something that I've been thinking about recently is the importance of preparation in missionary work.  As I've been serving as a missionary, there have been times when my morning studies were productive and where I was able to learn a lot from the Spirit.  There have also been times when that has not been the case and I become distracted by less-important things and lose sight of the purpose of studying in the first place.  In order to qualify for the guidance of the Holy Ghost, I need to prepare for it.  As I do so, my mind will be enlightenend, and as the Lord has promised, when the time comes to teach, I will not fear.
Love and Miss Y'all!
Called to Serve!
Elder Huckvale

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