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Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 87 - You Can't Win, But There Are Alternatives to Fighting

Title - In Star Wars, our heroes aboard the Millenium Falcon have been caught in the Death Stars tractor beam. Han tries to steer the ship out of the tractor beam, but he is unable to.  He says, "I'm going to have to shut down.  But they're not going to get me without a fight."  And then Ben Kenobi says, "you can't win, but there are alternatives to fighting."

Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2016 12:04:45 +0900
Hello My Adoring Fans!
We had transfers this week!  I'm going to continue serving in 상계 (Sanggye) with Elder Jung!  I'm so excited to be able to stay and I'm continuing to hold on to the hope that I will end my mission here in Sanggye.  As for the rest of the district, Sister Shaver is leaving and as of this morning, Sister Hale is also leaving (lame).  We're really excited though because a new team is going to be opening in the room next store! 

Anyways, this week was great!  We had a lot of meetings and so we weren't able to do as much teaching as we would've liked, but the week was a blast nonetheless!
On Tuesday we got to go to the temple!  I had a really awesome experience!  I had a question about what I should do after my mission and so I went to the temple seeking answers from my Heavenly Father.  As I prayed in the Celestial Room of the temple, I felt an overwhelming peace come over me in answer to my honest plea.  It was an incredible experience and it helped me to strengthen my testimony that God lives, that He knows me by name, and that He loves me.

After we left the temple we spent the day with some of the elders from a different area in our zone and pretty much traveled all across downtown Seoul.  None of us really had a plan of what we were going to do, but we ended up going out to eat at a buffet and then rushing over to check out Seoul Tower.  We came back to our house exactly at 5 o'clock with just enough time to take a nap before heading out to proselyte.  We probably used our time as effectively as possible.
At night we went out to visit members and less-actives and we able to find them all in their homes!  It was a huge miracle and opened to door for us to have some really great teaching opportunities.
On Thursday we headed to the office for 12-week follow-up for trainers and trainees.  It was really great and it really reminded me of when I was being trained over a year ago.  It's really crazy to see how fast the time goes by.
Plus there was Subway!
On Friday we met with a potential investigator and had a really awesome experience as we taught him.  He has English interest but he's hesitant to do our English program because he's really active in his church.  I explained to him that we're not going to try and fight with him about which church is right.  We're not trying to destroy his faith, but to build it up and we use the Book of Mormon as a tool to do so.  After I explained that the situation easened up a lot and you could tell that his heart had opened and we were then able to testify and share our experiences with him.  It was awesome!
The weekend was spent going from house to house eating dinner with the members on account of it being Sister Shaver's last weekend as a missionary. 
Even though we didn't have that many opportunities to teach, this week was still great!  I know it seems strange, and that it's what everyone says, but serving a mission is the funnest thing that I've ever done.  Every second of every day I am so happy.  It doesn't matter how many appointments get punked (there are a lot) or how many people reject me on the street or fall through with commitments, as I forget all these things and just focus on helping them, then it doesn't matter.  I know who I am, and I know who God is.  I know that through the Atonement of His Son Jesus Christ, even though I am not perfect, and even though I make mistakes (again, there are a lot), as long as I keep trying and keep pressing forward, that I will be doing what my Father in Heaven wants me to do. 
Love and Miss Y'all!
Called to Serve!
Elder Huckvale

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