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Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 88 - How am I to Know the Good from the Bad?

Title - Luke is on Dagobah and he's being trained as a Jedi by Yoda.  Yoda is currently in a backpack on Luke's back.  As Luke is running through the forest, Yoda is teaching him and he's explaining the Dark Side of the Force to him.  How it's the "quick and easy path", but once you start down the Dark Side path, there's really no turning back.  So Luke asks, "but how am I to know the good side from the bad?" 

Date: Mon, 3 Oct 2016 12:33:43 +0900

Hello My Adoring Fans!
This week was great!  We had transfers this week and Elder Jung and I were joined by 4 new missionaries in 상계 (Sanggye); two trainers and two greenies.  They be training everyone out here!
On Monday night we had our second and last music proselyting activity.  The reason being that our music elders both went home this transfer.  Nevertheless, it was a great success.  We and some support from the members and we were able to talk with lot of potential investigators. 
Wednesday was a pretty interesting day.  It was transfer day and we had four new missionaries coming to the area, so we had to figure that out.  It was pretty interesting.  Elder Baird and his greenie Elder Hipps, ended up coming via the subway/bus system.  This is usually the most effective way of travel here in Seoul, but that's not to mention the fact that they were each carrying three giant suitcases through the crowded subways and stations.  Struggily.  They were also proselyting on the subway and so they got kicked off.  Usually this is okay, but I think that because they were hauling around all of their suitcases, they looked suspicious, so they got booted.  Anyways, they were both able to ultimately make it to Sanggye and we met them at the subways station near our house and helped bring their luggage back.  The sisters, Sister 염은진 (Eunjee Yum) and her greenie, Sister Lampert, on the other hand, came by taxi from the mission office directly to their house. 

New District - Elder Jung, Elder Huckvale, Elder Baird, Elder Hipps, Sister Yum and Sister Lampert 

On Saturday we had an appointment with a potential investigator that lives near our apartment who I've been trying to meet with for a while.  His name is 구 (Koo) and he lived in Malaysia when he was young so he's really good at English.  We met him at a coffee shop and were able to have a really good talk with him.  He's had a pretty rough and tragic life.  As we listened to him talk, there were a lot of times where I thought I should jump in and start sharing about the Gospel, but I felt the prompting to just wait and listen to what he has to say.  As we listened, the Spirit was then able to testify through us of the divinity of Jesus Christ and His Atonement and how through it we can become cleansed from not only sin, but every bad thing in this life.  He asked us about how he could do it, and so we started talking about the Book of Mormon and invited him to read it, but he said that he wasn't ready for it now.  He said that he would be good with meeting again though. 
The rest of the week we spent a lot of time visiting members and proselyting.
I had a pretty intersting experience this week.  I was thinking deeply about where Elder Jung and I are at right in terms of investigators and the status of our area.  I kept thinking about if there was some way that we just do something and then we could have investigators.  "There has to be a trick to all this" I thought, "if we can just figure out the secret then we will be really successful and be able to find a lot of people to teach!" As I continued to think, I remembered an often quoted line from an President Ezra Taft Benson talk where he says "the secret to missionary work!"'
I remembered all of these times before my mission when I had to do something, I would either try and find the easiest way to do it, or I would make an excuse to try and get out of doing it.  This cannot be done with the Lord's work.  The only way to do the work is by working.  Something that I have heard so much, yet have never fully-realized.
Love and Miss Y'all!
Called to Serve!
Elder Huckvale

 Outgoing groups' "last meal" :)

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