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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Week 33 - From My Experience There's No Such Thing as Luck

Title - In Star Wars, Luke is training with his lightsaber and is able to deflect laser blasts, even though he is wearing a helmet that he can't see out of.  Han comments, "I call it luck", and Obi-Wan responds, "From my experience, there's no such thing as luck."

Hello Adoring Fans!
This week was pretty fresh.  We got transfer calls on Saturday and I'm not getting transferred, neither is Elder Kim or anyone else in our district except Elder Ee.  So nothing too exciting there.
Anyways, I'm really excited to continue being Elder Kim's companion and to be staying in 금촌 (Geumchon).  We're starting to see some movement among our investigators and finding more people to teach so I feel that we can get a baptism this transfer.
Let's look back now to Monday...
We had a zone p-day which was pretty choice.  We went over to 일산 (Irsan) and just played basketball, ping-pong, and 촉구 (Choku) which is like volleyball and soccer mixed.  It's pretty fun, but I'm not very good at it at all.  Curse my athletically-disabled body!
Tuesday was pretty good.  We didn't have any appointments, so we did a lot of proselyting and less-active hunting.  After we ate dinner, we were on our way to go to the church building to meet Daniel, and I ran into a guy that I met over a month ago who's kind of special and is Catholic (See "You Don't Know the Power of the Holy Ghost").  We talked a little bit.  The last time that I met him on the street, I talked to him about the Church and was able to quiet some of his concerns about it, but he was still hesitant to give me his phone number.  Right before I met him though, I was thinking about him again.  He told me his name last time and I had had the thought a few times of writing it down in my planner for this transfer, but never did.  Anyways, this time when we met him, it was pretty much the same which was kind of lame.  We had to go, so we didn't get to talk to him very long.  I keep thinking that maybe if I would have written down his name and remembered it, the encounter might've gone differently.
After we met that guy on the street we met with Daniel at the church building and had a pretty good lesson about the Plan of Salvation.  Daniel admitted that he believes that he believes that there is some sort of 신 (Unknown Force "a Great Spirit" or "the Force"), but he refuses to admit that that unknown force is our Heavenly Father.  Still, a month ago he was talking about how the only thing that he could believe in is a black hole, so we're seeing some progress.
On Wednesday, we had a zone meeting which was pretty swell.  We talked all about following the promptings of the Spirit and also having the faith to baptize.  After the zone meeting we didn't have any appointments, so we proselyted.  I had a really awesome experience after dinner.  We were out proselyting and I started talking to this kid who looked like he was 23, but is actually 16/17.  It also turned out that he's super good at English because he lived with his aunt in Bountiful, Utah for a year.  What the flip kind of crazy coincidence is that?!  His name is 노하송 (No Ha Song) and he was waiting for his mom to come pick him up on her way home from work.  We ended up talking for like an hour.  He told me about how his aunt and her husband are church members and that he knows a little bit about the Church but not very much.  He and his mom, and his grandma are all devout members of 성결교 (Sanctification Church).  I taught him a little about the Church, mostly about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith.  When I recited the First Vision to him, he told me that he felt a certain joy within him and I helped him realize that that's the Spirit.  I showed him some verses from the Book of Mormon as well and he was able to really feel the power of them.  It was a really cool experience.  However, he is a very faithful member of the church that he is attending and he really has a strong faith in his pastor.  Him and his mom were considering moving to his aunt's house in Utah.  They had prayed a ton about it and had brought the matter before the pastor.  The pastor came back a few days later and through revelation, told No Ha Song and his mom that God told the pastor that there is an 80% chance that No Ha Song could become a pastor which is his dream.  I tried to explain that when God answers prayers, at least in my experience, He doesn't do it in percentages.  He is the center of all truth, when I receive an answer from God, I know 100% that it is the truth.  I challenged No Ha Song to pray about whether his pastor is really a disciple of Christ and pray to have a confirmation that the revelation that his pastor received is true.  Anyways, No Ha Song and I both agreed that we were supposed to meet.  I tried to offer him a Book of Mormon, but he didn't want to accept it, mostly because of how others would feel about it.  Then his mom came and we talked for like a minute, but had to go because it was almost 9.  From my experience there's no such thing as luck.
On Saturday we met with Daniel again and one of our ward missionares, Julie, came with us again.  We had an awesome discussion, most of which I didn't understand.  Daniel and Julie know each other through English class so Daniel is really comfortable talking about his thoughts with her.  He probably would feel like that with us except I don't understand every thing that he says and Elder Kim is just naturally a really quiet and reserved person.  Anyways, the discussion was good and I was able to throw in a few things here and there.  Daniel is a super spiritual person and I know that he will get baptized, I just don't know when. 
After we met with Daniel we went to stake conference with one of our investigators that we haven't met in a long time, 이경용 (Ee Gyung yung). 
On Sunday we went to stake conference again with another one of our investigators that we haven't met in a long time, 이경철 (Ee Gyung Chur).  On the way back we taught him the Plan of Salvation and it seemed to have gone really well.  He is a really good man and has been reading the Book of Mormon since we met with him last time (he hasn't been able to meet because he's been sick).  He also consistently wonders about the questions that are answered through the Plan of Salvation.  Nice!
So yeah, had some pretty cool experiences this week.  The more I go about my Father's business, the more I realize that the Church is true and the more my faith in that knowledge is strengthened. 
Love and Miss Y'all
Called to Serve!
Elder Huckvale

During Family Home Evening, 
Elder Huckvale, serving as the "Good Samaritan" and rescuing Elder Han after he got mugged.  :)

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