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Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 29 - Aren't You a Little Short for a Missionary?

Title - When Luke first finds Princess Leia, he says, "aren't you a little short for a Stormtrooper?"

Hello my adoring fans!
This week has been pretty fresh.  We didn't do much along the lines of meeting with our investigators this week.  A lot of them are on business trips in southern South Korea for the month of August so we've had a lot of time to proselyte these past few weeks. 
But it's still been awesome!
On Monday, after we e-mailed, we went to a trampoline park in a different area.  One of the elders in our mission, named John Carpenter, just went home this week so some of the elders wanted to get together to see him one last time.  Considering the fact that Elder Brother Carpenter (?) is a world-renown parkour champion, the trampoline park seemed like a fitting place to get together with him one last time.  It was pretty awesome.  He can do some pretty crazy stuff.  He probably could've done more, but it's been a while since he was on a trampoline.
On Tuesday, we just jeondoed all day and then at night we had a "meeting" at our ward missionary leader, 김수민 (Kim Su Min)'s house.  It was pretty much he just wanted to have all of the missionaries in the ward over for dinner.  So we ate dinner and then he talked with us about the importance of working with the members in order to do missionary work.  This is something that I think a lot of missionaries struggle with, myself included.  I really need to work on becoming friends with the members so that we can work together in spreading the gospel. 
On Wednesday, we had a zone conference which was pretty awesome.  Again, I felt Presiden't Sonksen's love for us and his desire to really get the work going in our mission.  He changed things a little bit in terms of how we will do street contacting going forward which I think was done for the better.  For part of the conference, we broke up into separate groups and did some trainings and then we got back together in the chapel to discuss what we learned.  President Sonksen called me out and asked me a question.  After I answered he asked "are you really 18 years old?"  I replied "actually, 19 now."  Then he said "every time I look at you I think your 14 years old!"  Classic.
On the way back from the conference, I started talking to this really good guy about church and God and his family.  We were having a really good conversation and I really felt the Spirit.  Then this drunk grandpa on the other side of the train started yelling at me in English and telling me there is no god.  He continued to yell at me as I tried to talk to the other guy.  Then, what do you know?  The spot next to where I'm standing opens and the drunk grandpa takes it.  Dang.  It was a very struggily scenario.  So, my conversation with the other guy was pretty much over at that point.  Dang drunk grandpas.  Anyways, even  though I was being harassed by the drunk grandpa for the rest of the train ride, before the other guy left, he gave me his business card.  Nice!  He doesn't live in our area unfortunately, but he lives in the area nextdoor so we can just meet with him once and then see if we can refer him to other missionaries.
On Thursday, it was a really nice day and then all-of-a-sudden it started pouring...while we were out jeondoing  and we didn't have any umbrellas.  Dang it.  We got really wet.  Luckily, some members saw us and gave us a ride home.  It was a miracle.  After we ate the weather was perfectly fine again so we went out jeondoing and we started talking to this one guy and we ended up talking to him for an hour.  We had a really good conversation and we gave him a Book of Mormon, but he refused to give us him name and phone number, but he said that he would read the Book of Mormon over a month and then pray about it and call us if he finds out it's true.  We'll see how that turns out.  Hopefully with a lot of prayer and faith we'll get a phone call in a month from the guy we met near the police station telling us the Church is true and that he wants to get baptized.
On Saturday we had the ward barbecue which was really fun.  김동환 (Daniel) came and stayed for the whole thing and I think that he really enjoyed it.  The unfortunate thing is that there aren't any members in our ward who are his same age or in the same stage in their lives as he is so it's been hard finding somebody who can fellowship him.  Anyways, we at a lot of meat and played 촉구 (Choku) which is pretty much volleyball but instead you kick it and the net is lower.  It was fun, but I am not very good at it.

 Doing the "Kimchi Squat" :)
 Children taking turns throwing water balloons at Elder Ee
 Ward BBQ in the parking lot

On Sunday I got wrapped up in toilet paper to be Lazarus for the primary kids.  That was really fun.  At night Elder Kim and I talked to some drunk foreigners outside of a Seven-Eleven.  That was interesting.

Overall this week has been really awesome!  We have had a lot of good talks with people on the street and have seen a lot of miracles.  Missionary work is hard but it's the most fulfilling thing that I've ever done.
Love and Miss Y'all
Called to Serve!
Elder Huckvale
P.S.  I drank a full glass of milk for the first time since I was like three on Tuesday and I am still not a fan.
P.S.S.  Chocolate milk is good though.

 Elder Huckvale and Elder Kim
Sporting his "Happy 6-month-mark" tee shirt we sent him.  Looks pretty cool with the Korean name tag above it!

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