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Monday, August 10, 2015

Week 28 - Well More Rain Than You Could Imagine! I Don't Know, I Can Imagine Quite A Bit

Title - In Star Wars, Luke is trying to convince Han to go rescue Princess Leia. He tells Han that she's rich and Han says, "how rich?".  Luke says, "more wealth than you can possibly imagine".  Han answers, "I don't know.  I can imagine quite a bit."

This week was awesome!  We got to go the temple last Tuesday and it was choice!  Also, I made it through this week char-free!
Let's start with last Monday...
Last Monday after e-mail, we got to meet with one of our new investigators named 이경철 (Ee Gyung Chur).  Technically, he's not new so-to-speak, but we just decided to meet with him because he came to church last Sunday because Elder Kim invited him to over the phone.  He's really nice and he seems to have a sincere desire to know the truth, so that's cool.
On Tuesday we went to the Temple.  The temple was awesome.  I felt the spirit really strongly as President and Sister Sonksen bore their testimonies to us of the love that they have for us.  I am so grateful for them and their willingness to serve the Lord in Korea and lead His work here.  And they are loving it too.  After we went to the temple, Elder Kim and I went to this giant like book mall thing called Kyobo Book Centre and I got a Korean grammar book.  After that we went all the way out to 동대문 (Dongdaemun), to get some cheap ties, but when we got there, the cheap tie place was closed!  Apparently, a lot of people take the first week in August off for vacation.  Jank.  Anyways, both Dongdaemun and the place where Kyobo are were in my old area and it was really cool to be back. 
 Elder Kim and Elder Huckvale
Elder Huckvale's District at the Korea Seoul Temple
Sister Cameron, Sister Hong, Elder Han, Elder Kim, Elder Bell, Elder Huckvale, Elder Ee and Elder Dye

Tuesday night we met with 김동환 (Daniel), again, and it was awesome.  I felt the spirit really strongly as we talked about God.  There was a time in Daniel's life when he wanted to know which church is true, but he's kind of given up on that search and doesn't believe that God could exist anymore.  It was really cool because I was able to understand him while he explained his thoughts in Korean.  I wasn't able to understand it all, but I understood what I needed to through the Spirit.  It was awesome.  Then I was able to testify that God doesn't just exist, but that He lives, and that He is our Heavenly Father, and that He loves all of His children, even those who don't believe in Him, even Daniel.  It was really cool.  Then I told Daniel that we love him also, and that we want to help him, and that we want him to overcome his smoking problem.  He told us that he's been smoking less.  Nice.  We met again with him yesterday and he's been improving, slowly but surely, and has been smoking less and less.  Nice.
Wednesday we just jeondoed a lot.  Then at night we almost got lost.  We decided to take a train to 운정 (Oonjung, which is the next train stop after ours) and then we were going to walk back.  So it's like 8:30, and we walk a quarter mile down the highway on a perfectly nice sidewalk, and then all-of-a-sudden, the sidewalk just ends!  What the flip?!  So we had to walk all the way back and ended up just having to take the bus. 
On Thursday, while we were picking up trash around the church building, I ran into my friend from 장로교 (Presbyterian Church) that I met a few weeks ago who called the Church a cult because we read the Book of Mormon.  Anyways, he had come up with a new list of reasons why the Church is a cult and once again I didn't understand what he was talking about so I told him that I still don't care if people call the Church a cult so then he left.  He's not mad at me or anything and I'm not really sure why I am the one who always becomes the target of his fiery darts because he can't really argue with me, he can just argue at me.  I guess that's how he finds fulfillment.
On Saturday, it rained, and when I say that it rained, I mean like a typhoon/rain/lightning/thunderstorm happened.  It was pretty crazy.  Luckily, we had an appointment at a cafe so while that was going on outside we were inside drinking hot chocolate.  Then when the appointment was over, as was the storm.  It was pretty bad.  When we got to English class right after, it turned out that the sister missionaries had not faired as well as us.  They were soaked.  Then the rest of the day the weather was actually pretty nice.
On Sunday, we were supposed to have 3 appointments, but two of them cancelled.  We did, however, have a really awesome ward going-away celebration for 이순호 (Ee Soonho), who left today to go the MTC in Utah and is going to the Korea Busan Mission. 
I love the 금촌 (Geumchon) ward.
Serving a mission is so awesome. 
Love and Miss Y'all!
Called to Serve!
Elder Huckvale

 Oonjung Train Station
 Return of the Stormtrooper (for all who have been missing him)  :)
Elder Huckvale's dad mentioned to him that the Stormtrooper was looking a little bit worn like he had been in battle or something), and Elder Huckvale responded that he had been in the same bag as his Tide To-Go Marker.  Dang!
 Not sure... but it's funny.  :)
Wound care.  Glad we sent that first aid kit.  :)

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