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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Week 45 - Then I'll See You in the Celestial Kingdom!

Title - Continued from last week's title.  Han is about to go out on a tauntaun to search for Luke.  The tauntaun wrangler says to him, "you'll freeze before you get to the first marker", in which he replies, "well then, I'll see you in H-E-L-L."  (sorry for the swearing).  :)
P.S. If anyone would like to send Elder Huckvale a holiday card (or anything), he would love to hear from you.  His new mission office address is...
Elder Chad Huckvale
Korea Seoul Mission
Jahamun-ro  152, 1 dong
Seoul-si  03046
South Korea
Date: Mon, 7 Dec 2015 12:05:15 +0900
Hello my adoring fans!
This week has been really great!  We were able to meet with a few people that have a lot of potential to be good investigators.
We'll start with last Tuesday.  Elder Kim ate some old cereal on Monday night and was sick all of Tuesday so we didn't get to go out, but it was a good opportunity for me to do some extra studying and get more acquainted with our area book.  Also on Monday night Elder Kim made an apple pie because he felt like it.  It was very delicious. 

Elder Kim and his delicious apple pie.
On Wednesday we had a zone training where we talked all about ways to share the Church's big Christmas initiative with everyone.  It was really cool and it's getting me even more excited to go our and preach the message of the Savior's birth with everyone I meet.  We're going all out from streetboards to carrying around clunky DVD players to show the Church's new video with everyone (we need iPads).  It's so exciting!  I think that the elders in our ward are going to try and work with the bishop pric and see if we can do a ward flash mob!  How cool would that be?!

구주 나셨네 Preparation (church's new Christmas initiative - A Savior is Born)
On Thursday night we went and visited the family that we helped move last week and it was awesome!  We made them brownies and talked with them about our message and about the missionaries that they knew before.  It turns out that they are both former investigators and the wife, Andrea, went to church a few times and attended the ward Christmas party last year.  Nice!  They seem like a really cool family and I'm really excited to pick them up as investigators again.  We're going to go and visit them again this week so we'll see what happens there.
On Saturday we went out and ate lunch in a different area with one of our English class members who's a recent convert in a different ward.  So that was fun.  At night we went streetboarding and we were able to meet this really cool guy named 이동민 (Ee Dongmeen) and we talked with him for a while about the Restoration as well as our purpose and life as missionaries.  It turns out that he too is a former investigator who met the missionaries a few times in a different area a few years ago.  We scheduled a return appointment for him the next day.
On Sunday, since Elder Moore (one of the elders living in my house) is going home this week, he bore his final testimony during sacrament meeting which was cool to see.  After church, Elder Moore and his companion, Elder Crisp, were able to baptize one of their investigators which was also cool to see.  After the baptismal service the bishop had us all over for lunch and we talked about our Christmas ideas and how we can work with the members and best share the message of the birth of the Savior. 
On Sunday night we met with the guy that we met on Saturday and a member from our ward and were able to have a great lesson!  I was so grateful that the member was there because he was able to answer his questions much better and in-depth that we could and he also was able to share his personal story of how he found the Church and decided to join.  It was awesome!  At the end we extended a baptismal commitment and he said that when he knows it's true that that's something that he wants to do.  It was really cool because he had already read some of the Book of Mormon the night before and had questions about the things that we were teaching about!  Nice!
I am so grateful to see the hand of the Lord as Elder Kim and I exercise our faith and he blesses us with opportunities to meet such awesome people!  Being a missionary is so incredible!  How great is my calling?!
Love and Miss Y'all!
Called to Serve!
Elder Huckvale

 Elder Huckvale received his Christmas package.  Woohoo!!!  DHL - 1; USPS - 0. 
(Halloween package still MIA - hopefully he'll get it by next Halloween - there's a great tie in there!)

 We may have sent him a "bit" of Star Wars. :)

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