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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Week 41 - There Is No Other Way

Title - Well, neither Derrick or I are sure what this title is for... so just make up something good amongst yourselves!  :)

Well, it's been week 2 in 장위 (Jangwee)!
This week wasn't too exciting actually, a lot of proselyting, a few member visits, a lot of rain, and the usual: preaching the gospel to the people of Korea.
We have really been struggling to find investigators as of recent.  Before I got here Elder Kim and his last companion found a ton of interested people but it turns out that the majority of them were interested in Elder Kim's companion.  This is something that we find a lot especially with the foreign missionaries. 
Anyways, so we've been spending a lot of our spare time proselyting and doing member visits.  It's actually been pretty fun.
On Wednesday we had a zone meeting and it was really awesome.  We talked a lot about having the faith to baptize (which is kind of the theme of our mission these days) and also the importance of working with members.  It was really cool because this month one of our zone commitments is to invite someone to be baptized every day whether it's on the street or with an investigator.  It's a really good commitment and I know that if we fulfill it that we will see miracles.  I shared a comment during the meeting about the importance of promising blessings when inviting to be baptized and extending other commitments and it really solidified my testimony of the importance of baptism as well as strengthened my testimony of the blessings that come through being diligent in obeying the principles and standards of the Gospel.  It was great.
On Thursday we went and visited a less-active who served an honorable mission but has just fallen off the radar recently.  Anyways, we were able to find him and talk with him a little.  We talked mostly about stories from his mission and he seemed to really enjoy talking with us.  We just with him at the doorway of his apartment, but he said that he wanted to take us out to lunch so we'll see what happens there.
Thursday evening through Sunday were filled with a ton of cancelled appointments.  It was kind of lame, but it happens.
On Saturday we helped some people in our ward move which was pretty interesting.  There isn't a road that runs directly to their new house so we had to haul all of their stuff from some trucks on the street below to where their new house is.  These stairs were like something that somebody in the neigborhood made and also it was raining.  It was kind of sketchy, but it all worked out fine.  We were able to move all of their stuff up with the help of the mover people and then we got to eat 자짱면 (Jajangmyun) and 탕수육 (Tongsuyook) on the floor of their new house so it was pretty fun.

The Struggily Staircase (That Could be the Name of a Mystery Book or Something)
After that we went and visited our ward mission leader's house because we had scheduled to meet him on Saturday, but he wasn't there so we just met with his like 25-year old son (who's about to leave on his mission), his 23-year old daughter (who just came back from her mission) and his 9-year old son.  We talked with them about pride and humility and it was pretty good. 
On Sunday after church we did music practice because our ward's performing at stake conference this weekend.  At night we went and had dinner at the house of a former stake president which was really fun.  It was him, his wife, their daughter and her three kids who are super freaking adorable.  So that was really fun.
Something that I have struggled with a ton and am pretty sure the majority of foreign missionaries struggle with is working with the members.  These past few weeks though, I am starting to see the critical role that member work plays in missionary work and plus it just makes things more fun.  I am really hoping that while I'm serving in 장위 (Jangwee), I'll be able to learn all I can about working with members and then apply it to the rest of my mission.
I am loving serving my mission and I love the members of the 장위 ward!  It's awesome!
Love and Miss Y'all!
Called to Serve!
Elder Huckvale
 Elder Huckvale and Elder Kim (2) at the Sushi Buffet.

 Look at all that sushi!  Good thing he likes it!!!

 This English Class brought to you in part by Elder Huckvale.  
Classic Chad!!! (Something he would totally say about me!)

 and the Return of the Stormtrooper

김시현 장로님과  헉배일 장로
(Not sure what that says... so I'm going with Elder Kim 2 and Elder Huckvale.  Look how cold he is, and it doesn't even faze Elder Kim!)

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