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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Week 79 - Brakes! Brakes! Where are the Brakes?!

Title - At Disneyland, on the (original) Star Tours ride, there was a character named Rex (we think) who was the pilot and apparently it was his "first time" flying.  Near the beginning of the ride, when he starts to go the wrong way, he yells, "Brakes! Brakes! Where are the Brakes??!!!"

Date: Mon, 1 Aug 2016 13:00:05 +0900

Hello My Adoring Fans!
This week was really good!  I can't believe that last week I passed my year-and-a-half mark as a missionary!  It's so incredibly crazy to think that a year and a half ago I started on this journey and that 6 months from now it'll be over.  I got to do my best and work my hardest these last 6 months. 

"My Sisters" (most of whom are going home August 18th - CRAZY!!!)

On Monday night, we did another mini-music night and it was awesome!  Elder Pelina and Elder Bradshaw (who are like our mission music team) came and did some musical numbers and it was amazing!  We went to a sister's house from our ward whose husband is active and has a son on a mission.  She also invited three non-member neighbors so it was a full house! The music night went great and it became a really awesome opportunity for everyone there to feel the Spirit and to ponder the love we all have for our family.
On Tuesday I got to go on exchanges with one of our zone leaders, Elder Seely and it was awesome!  He's served in a lot of the same areas as me, so we've had pretty similar missions.  We talked a lot about how to be more effective in finding and getting people from street contact to investigator.  It was a really awesome exchange and I learned a lot.  We even saw a really cool miracle.  On Tuesday night we went streetboarding with Elder Brantley and Elder Tapan and afterwards Elder Seely and I went to a restaraunt that he wanted to show me and one of the kids who Elder Brantley streetboarded to was there eating!  Elder Seely turned to me and said "we can eat with him and teach him a lesson" and so I turned to the kid and asked him if he was eating alone and he said "yes" so we asked him if we could sit down with him and eat together and he let us.  We then taught him a lot about the Atonement.  We haven't been able to meet again with him, but it was still a really cool experience and helped me to recognize even more just how important it is to be bold in missionary work.
On Friday we had a mission conference where President Sonksen's mission president came and spoke to us.  It was awesome!  He talked a lot about the importance of working with members and also the importance of doing things in the name of Jesus Christ.  As missionaries, we have the authority to preach the Gospel and to do things in the Lord's name.  It was a really great talk and I learned a ton as I listened to the promptings of the Holy Ghost.
On Saturday we had another really cool miracle.  At night we went out to visit a member whose husband is less-active and when we got there, there just happened to be two other sisters from the ward there who were just about to eat dinner.  They wanted to invite us in, but there was a male present, so what do they do?  They call a brother from our ward who lives in the same apartment complex, and he came over and we all ate together.  Then, right in the middle of our message, his wife (who is also less-active), his daughter, and another sister all showed up with watermelon.  It was really crazy.  We then shared our message.  It turned out that the reason why they had all met up in the first place was because it was one of the sister's birthday and so it was really cool because we had forgotten, but Heavenly Father remembered.  It was a really cool example to me of what can happen when we are willing and worthy to receive the promptings of the Holy Ghost.  Miracles!
This week has been really awesome and it's been so cool to see the the work in 상계 (Sanggye) starting to really pick up.  I'm starting to really see what happens as we all work together and exercise our faith in Jesus Christ.  Miracles happen!
Love and Miss Y'all!
Called to Serve!
Elder Huckvale

Elder Kim II

Elder Weiss

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