Seoul Temple

Seoul Temple
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Monday, April 6, 2015

Random MTC / Travel photos (thanks Elder Eads!!!)...

 Headed to the Provo Temple for one last time...  Elder Huckvale, Elder Stapp and Elder Eads

 Elder Shilling hiding behind Elder Ead's head :)
 Chad impersonating Joseph Smith - uncanny resemblance!!!!
 Their MTC District with their teachers, Brother Driggs and Sister????
 Pretty cherry blossoms in Utah!!!  Oh... and a good-looking District too!!!
 And it's time!!!  Getting on the bus/Trax at 4:00am to start the journey to the Salt Lake Airport.
 On the bus!
 Early in the morning, we get a little loopy...

 And finally on the plane to Korea!  Check out all those amazing missionaries!!!
 Plane food.
 I think this is the Seoul Airport in Inchen.
 Sister Jones might be a little unsure... :)
Godspeed, Elder Huckvale!  Love you to Korea and back!!!

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